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Health Information Literacy Project


Congratulations to the following AHEC awardees in the year 2 NLM-CPSC-NAO Health Literacy Initiative:

  • Atlanta AHEC (the Southeast Primary Care Consortium), Daphne Byrd, executive director

  • Eastern Connecticut AHEC, Maritza Bond, executive director

  • Southeast Pennsylvania AHEC, Mara Lipschutz, executive director

Eastern Connecticut will continue its work from year one, developing stronger relationships with four Native American tribal youth groups, while Atlanta AHEC and SE Pennsylvania AHEC will both work with inner city youth, focusing on young men of color. Each awardee demonstrated strong community partnerships, current youth development experience, strong and specific social action project plans, staffing capacity, cohesive, well-written narratives, an over-arching understanding of the project outcome goals, and an ability to leverage work with this project into future community benefits in their areas. While the selection process was a difficult one, and there were multiple worthy applications to consider, NAO is enthusiastically looking forward to working with these three AHECs during the 2016-17 fiscal year.

For more information contact:

Rachel Chase
National Coordinator

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